If you wish to support the Parish financially, the most effective way is to complete a Standing Order form. We would be grateful if you could print the form off, complete it and return to the Parish Office.
Standing Order Form

If you are a UK taxpayer (including pensions) then we can increase the value of your generous donations via Gift Aid. If you use the Gift Aid Standing Order form our Gift Aid Organiser can reclaim the basic rate of tax on your gift, currently 25p for every £1 you give. Here is the Gift Aid form for you to complete and return to the Parish Office.
Gift Aid Form

Please note if you are unable to print these forms or need any help please contact the Parish Office for assistance.

Donate via Bank Transfer
If you would like to make your offertory donations directly to the parish bank account, please make it to:

Account name: RCD Arundel & Brighton St Peter Hove
Account number: 31076493
Bank sort code: 40-05-20

Please include a reference including your name and either ‘Offertory’ or ‘Hall’ if for the Hall refurbishment fund. Remember if you are a UK income tax payer, then your donations will be more valuable to us if we have received a Gift Aid Form in the name that appears on your bank account – use the form above if you are not sure if you have sent us one yet.

Other Methods

Cheque and Cash
If you wish to send a cheque (made out to “RCD Arundel & Brighton St Peter Hove”) or drop off a cheque or cash to the Parish Office, we will certainly welcome your generous offering. If you include a Gift Aid Form (or have sent us one previously) we can also get some extra back from the taxman.

Donate via the Diocesan website
Alternatively you can donate via the Diocesan website. Please click on the link below and select the option to “Donate” under “Parish Giving” and under Fund you need to choose to select “Hove St Peter’s” from the list of churches if you wish to donate directly to St Peter’s and follow the instructions.
Donate via Diocesean website