Readers/ Altar Servers/ Mass Co-ordinators/ Coffee Makers

We are blessed at St Peter’s with many willing and helpful volunteers who contribute to the life of our parish.

Good readers at Mass help to bring to life and give meaning to the Liturgy of the Word. Readers join a rota; they read at Mass once a month or less.

Altar servers help the priest and contribute to the dignity and solemnity of the Mass. They too join a rota and serve about once a month. Children may train to be altar servers once they have made their First Holy Communion.

Mass co-ordinators help with the smooth-running of Mass though, for instance, ensuring that any leaflets are distributed to the congregation; that the offertory gifts are taken up; that the church is tidy after mass.

Coffee (and tea) makers contribute to the social aspect of parish life at the 10.00am and 11.15am Sunday masses. This can be a way for families or indiviuals to get involved.  It is a good way to meet fellow parishioners!