Fr Alexander will record some videos for our confirmation candidates while the church is closed.

The most recent is available here


The Confirmation Course offers young people in Year 10 (or above) an opportunity to prepare for the Sacrament of Confirmation by working together in a variety of projects designed to encourage discussion and debate about our faith, our Church and our responsibilities as Catholics.


St Peter’s Church Confirmation Preparation Schedule of Events 2019/20 

Here are some details of our confirmation course this year. We very much hope you will join us on what we expect to be a great experience for all catechists and young people alike.


Confirmation, which is normally received at the end of Year ten, is an important step in your Christian initiation. As such it requires careful preparation. Hence, if you wish to be confirmed, we ask you to commit now to the dates of the course and put everything else on a back burner.


The schedule of events looks like this.

  • Sunday October 6 trip to Truly Hill, 3.30pm start; eat at 5pm.
  • Sunday November 10, 7pm, First Session
  • Sunday December 1, 7pm, Second Session
  • Sunday 5 January, 7pm, Third Session
  • Friday/Saturday/Sunday 17/18/19 January, trip to Saint Bartz
  • Sunday 9 February, 7pm, Fourth Session
  • Sunday 1 March, 7pm, Fifth Session
  • Sunday 5 April, 7pm, Sixth Session
  • Sunday 3 May, 7pm, Seventh Session
  • Sunday 7 June, 7pm, Confirmation rehearsal
  • Confirmation Mass Saturday 4 July, 3pm, St Peter’s Church
  • Truly Hill Celebration TBC

If you were baptised at Saint Peter’s, please state when on the registration form on the reverse. If you were baptised elsewhere, we need a Baptism certificate for you. These can be obtained by writing to the Church of your baptism.


The actual date of confirmation is Saturday 4 July 2020, 3pm.


Yours sincerely

Fr Alexander Lucie-Smith

Parish Priest & The Confirmation Team 

T 01273 733840 /