Notes from the Synod meetings 15 Dec 2021

Synod; Participation.

  • Our current liturgical celebrations are very much appreciated: sermons, bereavement Masses, Holy Hours, Adoration, Rosary, Bible Journey, regular Reconciliation.

    Some would appreciate more development of their spirituality by exploring the variety of spiritual approaches available in Catholicism e.g., contemplative or meditative, open prayer maturing on from basic prayers by rote, inviting ecumenical involvement or simply other parishes, perhaps spiritual ‘introductory’ evenings for varied approaches.

    Many thankful for online resources, both Mass and resources from the big orders e.g. Jesuits,
    Franciscans, Taizé etc.
    A greater sense of the Word of God in our parish is much appreciated

    Could our Bidding Prayers be more reflective of both local and National circumstances? Perhaps these could be contributed from congregation, or invited on occasion from other faiths? Harnessing communal prayer.


  • Is our mission bringing all to Christ? Where are we in our reaching out to others? How do we
    contribute our witness locally?

    Where have we made a difference? Parish activities e.g. Foodbank collection, 200 Club, Bereavement
    group, Care group. Night Stop, Mary’s Meals.

    Hall use for local community e.g., Guides. We are good at giving money but perhaps, less good at

    Catholics make a difference in the wider world in Dioceses and national church – news of these doesn’t dribble down to parishes. ‘Blueprint for Business’ from Cardinal Nichols an example that is very influential in its context, And many other such projects or publications.


  • Outside Catholics seen as ‘against’ cultural things (e.g., LGBT +, abortion, birth control, current sexual mores), we seem authoritarian and bullying. We don’t publicize all the good things we contain.

    Regarding other Christians or faiths, we have been seen as patronizing and superior; More deep listening to others is needed, perhaps more interaction in prayer contexts. There is a greater linking at higher church levels but we need to do more linking up at parish level.


  • In the past 70 years we must recognize the enormous distance the Catholic Church has come – reference here to Vatican II docs e.g., Nostra Aetate, Gaudium et Spes, Ut Unum Sint. We are recognisably, not the church we were.

  • What do we offer others? The Pope is universally recognised and respected, particularly by
    other Christians. Our stability through time: 2,000 years of scholarship and saintliness. Our
    focus on the Eucharist as ‘source and summit’ of our faith, but we don’t listen enough to each
    other or encourage dialogue at parish level.